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RF431CONT RFID Controller

RF431CONT RFID Controller


EM4200 Controller Timed Output

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The unit is intended to be the controller for an access control system using RFID as the entry mechanism. The PCB is housed in a compact plastic box which manages the Control Electronics and Activation Relay. The Unit comes pre-programmed with 6  Client/User RFID Transponder and a RFID Reader with status LED as per photograph.

Addition RFID Transponders available if/when required with configuration instructions provided.

The Unit is intended as a low cost basic set up with a PCB in line connector incorporated in the Box for screw attachment of Power, RFID Cable and External Door Latch wiring.

Other than connection of above, the unit is intended as Plug and Play with no programmation required.

Connection wiring instruction supplied with the unit.


  • Small physical size and contained in plastic case
  • Configured for a timed output Relay Latch for 3 Second output.
  • Relay specified up to 10A resistive load
  • Power Supply 11-15v DC
  • Power consumption 17mA with relay off


    • Access control driving a door latch


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